Financial Independence is Freedom!

You have reached financial independence when you no longer have to trade your time for money. You may choose to work, like many people do, but you’re not obligated. You’re free to pursue your interests, volunteer for a passion project, spend time with your family, or start a business, all without the fear of meeting your basic financial needs. This is commonly thought of as retirement, but with the right plan in place it’s a goal that is achievable for anyone. So how do we reach financial independence?


Financial planning is the foundation that makes reaching financial independence. Remote Financial Planner works with clients to develop goals, identify risks, and lay down customized achievable steps towards financial freedom. 


Investments are the vehicle that convert hard earned money into financial independence. Remote Financial Planner builds globally diversified, low cost, and tax efficient portfolios for clients that match their unique financial plans.


Tax planning is integral in reaching and maintaining financial independence. Remote Financial Planner develops strategies for clients to take advantage of all available deductions, exemptions, and credits to legally minimize their tax liability. 

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