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We all have our own reasons for moving abroad, taking a foreign assignment, or making a drastic change in our life, but the motivation is always the same: we want to increase enjoyment and live a satisfying life. The best way to do that, is to stop trading our time for money and start using our money to free us to live the life we want to live.

Remote Financial Planner focuses on guiding American expats down the path towards Financial Independence through customized investment management, financial planning, and cross border tax advice.

As an “on-again off-again” expat, Remote Financial Planner understands the unique financial and life planning challenges you face as an expat — a stream of advice that doesn’t quite match your situation, unforgiving financial institutions, human resource departments unable to answer your questions, currency fluctuations, cross border family and marriage issues, paying taxes in multiple countries…

The global lifestyle is all about experiencing other cultures, tasting new foods, climbing remote mountains, and relaxing on an empty beach. Remote Financial Planner distills down the financial complexities of living abroad and helps you make informed decisions, enabling you to enjoy life now and feel comfortable that you are on a path towards real financial and life freedom.

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Why Work With Remote Financial Planner

Remote Financial Planner was designed to meet the unique needs of American citizens living abroad

Convenient & Accessible Advice

Remote Financial Planner utilizes technology to make your life easier. All you need is an internet connection! It doesn’t matter where you are located or what time zone you’re in. We can email paperwork, sign it digitally, upload it to the cloud, conduct a video conference from your living room, and fit into your busy schedule.

Clarity to Make Confident & Informed Decisions

There is a lot of misinformation available for Americans abroad. Laws are constantly changing and being updated, but many of the forums expats rely on don’t keep up. Getting the right professional, objective advice can allow you to take action and achieve your goals quicker.

Simplify Your Life

Living a cross border life can quickly become very complicated. Remote Financial Planner will help you get organized and simplify your financial life. Reducing stress and making it easier to consider financial alternatives and meet filing responsibilities.

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